Budget and 5 Year Financial Plan
Communities are established (incorporated) to provide common services and to finance the equipment systems, build structures and staff required to deliver them. These responsibilities include the most obvious, such as the provision of clean and safe water, sewer, garbage/recycling collection and road maintenance and the necessary such as community fire protection and emergency response capabilities. They also include the “softer” areas around the delivery of social, cultural and recreational opportunities desired by residents.

Council and staff are primarily guided by our Official Community Plan & Integrated Sustainability Plan which were created with extensive community input and adopted as official by-laws in 2012. We also consider input from our Chief Administrative Officer, Public Works, Fire Chief and Economic/Community development officer. Of equal if not greater importance is the yearly participation of individual residents. It is our time to ask questions, provide suggestions and get a sense of both the financial challenges and opportunities that we collectively face as a community.


2017-2021 Financial Plan

5 Year Financial Plan Bylaw No.670, 2017

DRAFT 5 Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 670, 2017

2016-2020 Financial Plan

5 Year Financial Plan Bylaw No 664, 2016

DRAFT 5 Year Financial Plan Bylaw No 664, 2016

2016 Budget

February 15, 2016 - Budget Meeting #1

2015-2019 Financial Plan

Power Point Budget Presentation

5 Year Financial Plan Bylaw 651, 2015

Draft Detailed 5 Year Plan

2014-2018 Financial Plan

2014-2018 FINAL Financial Plan

DRAFT 5 Year Financial Plan Bylaw 638, 2014

March 31, 2014 COW DRAFT Budget

March 26, 2014 COW DRAFT Budget

December 16, 2013 COW Agenda

Nov 18, 2013 Draft Budget COW Meeting Minutes

2013-2017 Financial Plan

Budget 2013-2017

Budget Presentation 2013

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