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Bear Safety

Bear activity has been high within Village limits in recent years. Please ensure that you are doing your part to keep our Village and these beautiful animals safe. 

Ensure your property is free of bear attractants. These may include:

  • unpicked or fallen fruit such as apples, berries, etc.

  • garbage

  • bird seed

  • pet food

  • etc.

For more information on bear awareness and safety


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Wildlife Alert Reporting Program (W.A.R.P.)

Wildsafe BC has developed a new wildlife mapping program designed to track human-wildlife interactions across the province. The Wildlife Alert Reporting Program gives users a convenient way to both log and track wild animals in their area and across the province. The program is an expansion of the highly successful BearAware program. Incidents of wildlife reported to the Conservation Officer Service can now be found online under the Wildlife Alert Reporting Program on the website