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2021 Wood Stove Exchange Program

The Bulkley Valley Lakes District Airshed Management Society (BVLD AMS) wants you to be warm, healthy and efficient heating your home always! Make an informed choice seasoning your wood, installing, maintaining and repairing your home heating appliances.

Refer to the wood stove exchange program as WSEP.

We have rebates and resources to:

  • move from an uncertified wood burning appliance to a qualified appliance

  • move from an old EPA certification to a 2021 EPA certification

  • move from an eligible stove, fireplace, boiler or furnace to a qualified appliance

  • build a woodshed

  • provide tips on wood seasoning and storage

  • repair and maintain a qualified heating appliance

  • assess a home, recommend a qualified heating option, help with cost and installation

  • build a cheap home air filter

  • install, use or understand air quality monitors and readings

Conditions apply:

  1. Old appliances must be non current EPA certified.

  2. Old units must be recycled or decommissioned.

  3. Standards are listed on the chart included.

  4. Rebate values depend on appliance types and residential location.

  5. Refund program lasts while funding permits.

  6. Installations use WETT principles and follow Provincial regulations.

  7. The Wood Stove Exchange Rebate Form is complete and pics are provided.

  8. Only 1 rebate per household. Must be within the BVLD AMS service area.

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