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Coalmine Road Water Main Upgrade Project (NE)

At a media event on Friday, August 18, 2023, Village of Telkwa Mayor Leroy Dekens thanked the Province for supporting and funding the Coalmine Road Water Main Upgrade Project (North East).

The Village’s water and sewer systems require major updates in order to better serve the needs of the community and to ensure long-term sustainability. The Village’s priority is to update high risk, high criticality watermains in the community, which will also increase fire protection.

This project replaces a highly crucial section of the Village’s water distribution network. This section of pipe along Coalmine Road connects the Village’s Water Treatment Plant to the water distribution system, helps transport water towards the Morris Hill Reservoir, and is part of the water distribution system’s backbone. Additionally, the water valves in the system were in poor condition, making system isolation for leak repair difficult, often resulting in service interruptions to the community.

If this project were not undertaken and a break were to occur, a large portion of the community would be without clean water and/or adequate fire protection. In the past, the Village has experienced watermain breaks that have left residents without water for some time. This project will help prevent that from happening again in the future.

Without this funding, it would have been necessary for the Village to borrow funds in order to proceed with the project, which would have placed a significant tax burden on residents of our small community.

The Village would like to thank the Provincial government for their support in making this extremely important project come to fruition.

Photograph (left to right): MP Taylor Bachrach, Mayor Leroy Dekens, MLA Nathan Cullen.

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