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Draft Boreal Caribou Protection and Recovery Plan

Information provided by Provincial Caribou Recovery Program Species at Risk Recovery Branch Ministry of Land, Water and Resource Stewardship

We wanted to notify you that the public engagement portal on the draft Boreal Caribou Protection and Recovery Plan (BCPRP) is now live and will remain open until May 20th. The BCPRP was co-developed by the Province of B.C. in partnership with Fort Nelson First Nation and outlines a recovery path for four of the five boreal caribou herd ranges within B.C.: Calendar, Maxhamish, Snake-Sahtahneh, and Westside Fort Nelson. This plan details recovery goals and objectives, outlines management actions to make progress on those goals and objectives, and details an adaptive management framework to inform monitoring, evaluation and future decisions.

You can read the draft plan, view informational story maps and fill out a feedback form via the following link: https://engage.gov.bc.ca/caribou/boreal-caribou/.

Feedback provided through this public engagement process will be taken into consideration as the draft plan is revised. It will be made available to appropriate decision-makers pertaining to boreal caribou recovery management measures for their consideration. Following this public engagement process, a “What We Heard” report summarizing the feedback will be shared with stakeholders and posted online.


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