• Village of Telkwa

Morris Reservoir Refurbishment Project

The Village of Telkwa (the Village) would like to request all residents to please conserve water between May 9 to May 20, 2022 as the Village’s Public Works crew empty and inspect the Morris Road Reservoir. Residents will continue to receive water from the water treatment plant and the Trobak Reservoir while the Morris Reservoir is offline during this phase of the Morris Reservoir Refurbishment Project.

The Morris Reservoir was built in 1983 and was the Village’s only water reservoir until the Trobak Reservoir, on the east side of the Village, came into use in December 2019. Previously, the supply, treatment, and storage of water was isolated entirely to the west side of the Bulkley River. This made the east side of Telkwa particularly vulnerable in that it was serviced by a single main crossing the Bulkley River on the Bulkley River Bridge. The Morris Reservoir was the only reservoir at the time and lacked the capacity to meet the water supply needs of the Village, much less accommodate new growth.

The ongoing Morris Reservoir Refurbishment Project, which began in 2021, involves:

· Installation of isolation valves and a drain line;

· Access improvements for worker safety;

· Installation of mixing equipment for improved water quality;

· Draining the reservoir for inspection of existing structure;

· Cleaning and disinfecting the reservoir; and

· Any necessary repairs that are identified in the inspection.

The Morris Reservoir Refurbishment Project is an important step in our village’s ongoing efforts to increase the water supply capacity in order to allow for continued growth.

The Village of Telkwa would like to thank the Union of BC Municipalities for funding this project through the Canada Community-Building Funds to ensure this extremely important reservoir maintenance project could be undertaken.


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