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Sanitary System Survey

Updated: Mar 6

In some homes, sump pumps and other storm water collection methods (rainwater from roof gutters and foundation drains) are connected into the sanitary lateral that flows directly into the Village of Telkwa’s (the “Village”) sanitary sewer system. These types of connections are incorrect and in violation of the Village of Telkwa's Sewer Rates, Regulations and Connections Bylaw No. 556, 2004.

Sanitary sewer pipes are sized to carry only sewage and grey water, not clean rainwater and groundwater. Additionally, the Village’s wastewater treatment plant can only handle so much flow. Therefore, it is critical that sump pumps discharge on to your property, or a rock pit away from your building foundation, and NOT into the Village’s sanitary sewer system.

We need your input! To help reduce the rainwater and groundwater flowing into the Village’s sanitary system, we are asking you to identify the site condition where you live by completing this short survey and returning it to the Village office by March 10, 2023 (email: Alternatively, you can scan the QR code in the image, or fill in the survey online (click here). Thank you!

Sanitary Sewer Community Survey Feb2023
Download PDF • 358KB


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