• Village of Telkwa

Trobak Ribbon Cutting

Tuesday, September 28 at 2:00 pm

Trobak Reservoir Site

Completion of the Trobak Reservoir Project in summer 2020 was a major milestone for the Village of Telkwa, as the new reservoir greatly increases the capacity of the Village’s water distribution system.

After many years of research, several funding applications and fervent negotiations by the Village of Telkwa Council, Telkwa received a 3.6-million-dollar grant through the Union of British Columbia Municipalities “Federal Strategic Priorities Fund” (now called the Canadian Community Building Fund) for 100% funding to construct a new water reservoir at this site. The Village received funding approval in the spring of 2018, broke ground on the Project in the spring of 2019, and final details on the Project were wrapped up in the summer of 2020. We are pleased to be able to celebrate the official completion of the Trobak Reservoir Project today as we had to postpone celebrations in 2020 due to COVID restrictions.

Previously, the supply, treatment and storage of water was isolated entirely to the west side of the Bulkley River. This made the east side of Telkwa particularly vulnerable in that it was serviced by a single main crossing the Bulkley River on the Telkwa/Bulkley River Bridge. The Village placed a moratorium on new development as the only existing reservoir at the time (the Morris Reservoir) lacked the capacity to meet the existing water supply needs of the Village, much less accommodate new growth. The Trobak Reservoir stabilizes the supply, treatment and storage of water on the east side of the Bulkley River, which increases the potential for new development and economic growth in the Village. In addition, the new reservoir assists in addressing previous concerns regarding fire flows in the community.

This Project was an important step in our Village’s ongoing efforts to increase the water supply capacity in order to allow for continued growth.

Thank you to the Wet’suwet’en for their support and collaboration on this project. We look forward to working with the Wet’suwet’en on future projects and continuing strengthening our relationship into the future.

I would like to acknowledge the work of Council and staff who were involved in this Project and in particular, a special thank you to Former Mayor Darcy Repen, who has joined us today, and to former Councillor Coralee Karrer who was unable to attend.

The Village of Telkwa would like to thank both the provincial and the federal governments for their support in making this extremely important project come to fruition.

Thank you to MP-Elect Taylor Bachrach for attending today and for his media comment that he “commends Telkwa’s leadership both past and present on this important project. It makes the community more resilient and positions Telkwa well for future development. Congratulations to all who had a hand in making the Trobak Water Tower a reality.”

Unfortunately, MLA Nathan Cullen was unable to attend today due to a previous commitment: however, he has passed on his greeting and contributes the following statement: “Telkwa is a vibrant and growing community that has often been frustrated in its dreams of growing by critical infrastructure, like water, that just wasn’t available.  Congratulations to the Mayor, Council and staff on receiving this very significant funding and for what it means for Telkwa and the entire region.” 

We would also like to acknowledge the work of the project engineers, WSP (Paul Wellington and Allan Kindrat), and contractors, Chute Creek Construction Ltd.