Garbage Service

The Village of Telkwa offers weekly garbage collection on Wednesdays (east of the Bulkley River) and Thursdays (west side of the Bulkley River).


The owner or tenant is responsible for purchasing and maintaining, in good order and repair, a garbage cart as mandated by Village of Telkwa Bylaw No. 605. These can be purchased at the Village Office.


Only the mandated garbage carts will be picked up by the Village.


For occasional extra garbage, garbage stickers can be purchased at the Village Office for $2.00 and attached to extra bags. Any garbage that is not inside the garbage cart will not be collected unless it has an extra bag sticker on it.


Do not overfill your container--ensure that the lid is completely closed. Overfilled containers will not be emptied.

Do not put these items in your container:

  • recyclable materials (paper, tin cans, plastic containers, cardboard, etc)

  • hot ashes

  • pet waste (that is not double bagged)

  • propane tanks or cylinders

  • lead-acid batteries (e.g. car batteries)

  • paints, solvents or any liquids hazardous materials (e.g. pesticides)

  • used oil or oil filters

  • gypsum (drywall)

  • automobile tires

  • animal carcasses

  • TV’s or computer monitors


Curbside Recycling Service

Recycle BC Update

As a result of the devastating loss of the Smithers and Area Recycling Society Depot, Recycle B.C. is working diligently to establish a solution for the proper processing of recycling materials for the residents of the Village of Telkwa and surrounding area.

In the interim, the Council of the Village of Telkwa has weighed the options and decided to cease curbside recycling pick-up until such time as a viable solution is reached. As residential recycling pickup is not able to be sorted from the truck, it must be landfilled. This defeats the purpose and the spirit behind the recycling program, and therefore, curbside recycling pick-up will cease until a facility, or other means, is established to properly and conscientiously do so.


The Village of Telkwa would like to encourage its residents to continue in their efforts to keep our community clean and green by taking sorted recycling to the Smithers/Telkwa Transfer Station just off of Highway 16 at 6139 Donaldson Road.


We ask for your patience as we await direction from Recycle B.C. on this matter.


Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako Recycling Services

The Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako operates a recycling depot just off of Highway 16 at 6139 Donaldson Road. Recyclable materials dropped off at this location must be sorted and can be deposited in the correct areas. 

Click here for more information on the recycling services provided by the RDBN.

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