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Welcome to Telkwa

Welcome to Witsuwit’en territory!


The picturesque, historic Village of Telkwa sits on the traditional territory of the Gidim'ten Clan of the Witsuwit’en people, a Carrier people of the Athabaskan language who live on the Bulkley River and around Broman Lake and Francois Lake in northwestern Central Interior of British Columbia.


The Village of Telkwa is located at the confluence of two world-class salmon-bearing rivers, namely the Bulkley River and Telkwa River.  Highway 16 travels through the Village, with the Town of Smithers 15 km to the west and the City of Prince George 356 km to the east.


Nestled in between the mountains and a myriad of lakes and streams, Telkwa’s spectacular rural, natural setting offers easy access to extensive year-round outdoor activities.  Local sightseeing and adventure tour operators offer various organized packages from world-class hunting, sport fishing and flight charters. Locals and visitors enjoy hiking, cycling, canoeing, tubing, rafting, kayaking, paddle-boarding and bird watching. The adventures continue in the winter with phenomenal snowmobiling, Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, skating, ice-fishing and downhill skiing at neighbouring mountains.  For a list of what to do in Telkwa, please click here.


Telkwa continues to see a slow, steady growth in population and is a friendly, safe and family oriented community, offering a relaxed lifestyle, which is attractive to potential residents.  Telkwa is a short commute to our neighbouring communities of Smithers and Houston for additional work, retail and recreational activities.  


Telkwa is set for a wide range of interests and needs for our residents, with a library, high-speed internet access, baseball fields, soccer fields, tennis courts, pickleball courts, community grounds with a community hall, lush parks and walking trails.


With existing prime commercial space, as well as the option to expand retail and home-based businesses, Telkwa is open for business.

Village of Telkwa sign

Mission / Vision Statement

The Corporation of the
Village of Telkwa's Mission is to serve the community
through smart growth,
community involvement and the creation of partnerships
to realize its vision of a
healthy, friendly, diverse and thriving community.

person fishing on a river bank

First Nation people often came to fish at the junction of the Telkwa and Witzin'kwa (now Bulkley) Rivers.  The word “Telkwa” means “muddy river”, referring to its colour in the spring.  The syllable “kwa” or “qua” means river in the local Carrier language. 

It was in 1906 that surveyors first laid out the townsite of Telkwa, although prospectors had been mining in area for quite a few years.  The first townsite in the area, Aldermere, was originally established on the bluff above the Bulkley River, located on the Telegraph Trail system, and was a central restocking spot for prospectors following the call of the Gold Rush.  As the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway began constructing the western section of their railway in 1907, many businesses and settlers began to move down the hill to the present site of Telkwa to be closer to the anticipated railway and for an easier access to water.  Today, over 100 years later, the community of Telkwa continues to be called home by its’ 1,474 residents (2021 census).

An extensive walking trail system winds through the original townsite of Aldermere and embraces Telkwa's parks and historical buildings, including the restored 1910 St. Stephen's Anglican Church and the Pioneer Museum.  Many of Telkwa's historical buildings, including the library, remain as testaments to our past and can be seen with a self-guided walking tour.

To discover a piece of British Columbia's history, stop at the Telkwa Museum, 1620 Highway 16, or the Village office at 1415 Hankin Avenue for more information.

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