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"Dollars to Door" Program

The Northern Development Initiative Trust (NDIT)'s Northern Housing Incentive Program enables local governments to create a “Dollars to the Door” program that will enhance and support economic development by incentivizing private sector housing developments. The Northern Housing Incentive Program is intended to incentivize the creation of new multi-family housing units undertaken by private sector developers in Northern BC, which will, in turn, retain seniors and attract workforce and thereby increase business and employment opportunities.

Funding Terms

Up to $10,000 per dwelling (or door) created in a multi-family market housing project to a maximum of twenty (20) dwellings per project. At any given time, the maximum funds that can be approved towards one or more eligible projects in the Village of Telkwa will be limited to $200,000 (or twenty dwellings).

Eligibility Criteria

Applications submitted under this program shall meet the following criteria:


  1. Developments must address a specific area of need identified in the Village of Telkwa Housing Needs Report.

  2. Create a minimum of four (4) new market-based multi-family self-contained dwelling units in a new development.

  3. Self-contained units may be created in new construction.

  4. Option of converting an existing commercial, institutional or other non-residential property into new housing units.

  5. Location within the municipal boundaries of the Village of Telkwa (please refer to Schedule A).

  6. Compliance of the proposed development with all the relevant Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw requirements.

  7. Projects are shovel ready upon confirmation of funding, meaning all necessary Bylaw amendments have been completed.

  8. Construction must be completed and the occupancy permit awarded within two (2) years of the approval date.

  9. All the newly created units must meet the performance requirements of the BC Energy STEP Code or above as per BC Building Code.

New Applications

The Village of Telkwa is accepting applications to the Dollars to Door Program according to NDIT's Housing Incentive Program intake timeline.

Program Policy & Application Documents


Program Objective

Objectives of the Housing Incentive Policy are to:​

  • Establish a transparent and comprehensive review process to evaluate applications received under the subject program.

  • Achieve maximum community benefits from the prospective projects by setting project assessment criteria that uphold community economic development and sustainability.

  • Encourage market-based multi-family housing developments that respond to the unique rental housing needs in the Village of Telkwa.

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