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Village of Telkwa Biomass Heating System

The Village of Telkwa purchased a derelict commercial building in 2011, formerly the meat co-op, and repurposed the building into the existing municipal office. Funding was received from the Federal Gas Tax Innovation Fund for a complete exterior retrofit and the installation of a biomass district heating system.  Installing a biomass district heating system was a feasible option as a clean alternative energy solution to heat the municipal building, the Telkwa Elementary School, the Telkwa Pub and five single family residential homes in close proximity at a reduced rate of 20%.  CO2 reduction is estimated to be as high as 100 tonnes per annum using a biomass boiler with the capacity of 1MW.  Particulate matter is estimated to emit about 0.3 g/hr.

Typically woodchips are produced locally from reject slabs supplied by a local sawmill, or from standing deadwood using fuel management programs, and put through a wood chipper.  The chips are either transported to the boiler chip bunk outside the Village office for immediate use, or to a nearby open shed for storage.

Biomass Boiler1.jpg

Village of Telkwa's 300kW Herz Boiler 

Local Government Climate Action Program

The Village of Telkwa is a signatory to the BC Climate Action Charter, working towards carbon neutral operations, measuring emissions and creating complete, compact, energy-efficient communities.

The Local Government Climate Action Program (LGCAP) provides funding for local governments and Modern Treaty Nations to plan and implement climate action that will reduce emissions, create new opportunities for people in the clean economy and prepare communities for future climate impacts. LGCAP supports local climate action to help BC reach legislated climate targets and achieve provincial climate goals outlined in the CleanBC Roadmap to 2023 and the Climate Preparedness and Adaption Strategy.  

Village of Telkwa LGCAP Program Survey 2022

Village of Telkwa LGCAP Attestation Form

Village of Telkwa LGCAP Program Survey & Attestation Form 2023


Telkwa's Park and Ride Space

The Village has provided an area dedicated to free parking as an incentive to support "Park and Ride" activities and promote "mode shifting" for increased carpooling, transit usage, cycling, etc.  The Park and Ride space is located opposite the Community Gardens / Dockrill Rink.

Community Wood Smoke Reduction Program

The Bulkley Valley Lakes District Airshed Management Society (the "Society") wants you to be warm, healthy and efficient heating your home in winter.  This means making an informed choice for heat, seasoning your wood, installing, maintaining and repairing your home heating appliances.

The Society has cash rebates and resources to:

  • move from an uncertified wood burning appliance to a qualified appliance;

  • move from an old EPA certification to a 2021 EPA certification;

  • to upgrade or install a cleaner, more efficient eligible form of heat;

  • build a woodshed;

  • to find, harvest, season and store your wood;

  • be aware of poor air quality alerts, venting indexes or bylaw burning notices;

  • to build a cheap home air filter;

  • to buy, install, use or understand air quality sensors and readings; 

  • to understand the health effects of poor air quality and your personal exposure. 

Cash rebate types include:

  • Wood to wood;

  • Added efficiency

  • Upgrade a boiler

  • Woodshed fund


For more information, please click here or email:

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