Telkwa Museum

Telkwa Museum

The Telkwa Museum is a small, seasonal and unique museum established in a 1921 school house on the main highway beside the local Post Office . You can savor the ingenuity and hard work of the first pioneers and First Nation People after contact, through our collection of interesting artifacts, from horse snow shoes, berry pickers, butter churns, sad irons and much more.

You can get answers to such questions as; Who invented the egg carton? What caused people to settle here? What does the word ‘Telkwa’ mean? Who carved a totem pole which was set up at the Telkwa Barbecue? and What is the Telkwa Barbecue?  You can learn about  the first settlers and the first towns in the Bulkley Valley.

Inside we have displays featuring the history of Telkwa, an old classroom, the history of the Telegraph line through the Bulkley Valley and much more.

We also have an interesting display of larger objects in an outdoor covered shed housing such objects as a large butter churn, threshing machines, washing machines, farm tools, a fire truck- and much more.

You can send in research requests to learn about your ancestors and the environment and culture in which they lived.
Send research request to Telkwa Museum at Box 595, Telkwa, B.C,, VoJ2X0 or email to Doug Boersema at  

A charming 1910 church building, the St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, across the road, is managed by the museum. It can be viewed during regular hours or by special request. It is also available for rent for special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries. There is a small room in the back for smaller meetings and a fenced yard for family gatherings. Just call Carol Irving at 250 846 5280, to arrange rentals.

The museum is operated by a small group of dedicated volunteers who look after the buildings, the artifacts and the events. We welcome you to join this group to preserve our local history for  the next generation. In summer we hire some staff to show you around and answer your questions.

Hours of Operation
We are always open during June and August from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and may be open earlier with  volunteers. Watch for information in the Telkwa News Letter and a sign on the highway. Phone number from May - September is 250-846-9656

Gift Shop
We operate a gift shop where you can stock up on local history books and crafts made by local artisans. Plan ahead for those special occasions.

St. Stephen’s Anglican Heritage Church
St. Stephen’s Anglican Church- This charming 100 year old church, controlled by the Telkwa Museum Society, is available for rent for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries etc. The back room  and /or yard can be rented separately. For information and rentals call Carol Irving at 250 846 5280.


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