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       Get ready to apply

The best time to apply is after you receive your property tax notice in the mail and before your property tax due date.

  1. Wait to receive your property tax notice in the mail.

  2. Keep your property tax notice on hand. It has important numbers you’ll need to apply.

  3. Once applications open, you can apply quickly and easily online.

  4. Contact the numbers below if you have any questions about the home owner grant.

Toll Free: 1-888-355-2700

Office: 250-387-0555


By centralizing this program within the B.C. government reports, they will:

  • Ensure homeowners receive the grant amount they are eligible for, such as the additional grant for seniors or persons with a disability.

  • Automate the approval process for grants resulting in quicker application processing  - this will help prevent ineligible homeowners from being penalized for late property tax payments.

       Home Owner Grant

Since 2021, residents in municipalities no
longer apply for the home owner grant
through their municipal office. Everyone
now applies directly to the province using
a new online system that's easy to use and
processes applications faster.

The Provincial Home Owner Grant
program helps to reduce the amount of
residential property taxes that
homeowners pay on their principal
residence and is available to homeowners
that pay property taxes to a municipality
or to the province if they live in a rural

If you qualify for the Home Owners Grant
(HOG), you must apply each year to
receive it. Only one qualifying owner can
claim a grant for a property each year.
When you apply, you will need your social
insurance number. You may also be
required to submit additional
documentation to establish your

You must apply before the tax due date to
avoid penalty

Avoid Penalties

Your tax payment and Home Owner Grant application must be received on or before the tax due date. Late, or delayed by mail, payments: are subject to penalty if not received by the deadline.

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