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Adoption Awareness Month

November is the month we raise awareness for adoption and permanency in British Columbia, and celebrating families that provide children and youth with love and support as permanent members of their family. November is about recognizing that there are children who are still waiting for permanent families. There continues to be a need for more adoptive families in BC to provide children with permanent, secure and loving homes.

There are many online resources and support services that can help families who are considering adoption in BC:

  • The Ways to Adopt in British Columbia website provides information on adoption in BC, such as infant adoption, relative and step-parent adoption, and adopting a child or youth from another country.

  • Adopt BC Kids is an online portal that provides British Columbians wishing to adopt children and youth from foster care with information and guidance through their adoption application.

  • The Adoptive Families Association of British Columbia provides information and support services for families who wish to adopt now or in the future.



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