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Get Notified About Local News & Events

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Did you get a notification about the recent Water Quality Advisory? You can receive notifications like this by downloading the Voyent Alert app, or sign up online to be notified by text, email, or even a phone call.

During an emergency it is important that residents have access to reliable, timely, and accurate information to ensure their own safety and that of their family and loved ones. In response to this need, communities within the Regional District of Bulkley Nechako have chosen Voyent Alert! as the communication service provider for these kinds of events. Voyent Alert! is a multi-purpose communication service used to send alerts to residents, businesses, and visitors during critical events like fires or floods as well as for relevant day-to-day communications such as public works maintenance, snow removal advisories, etc. How to Register: Registration for the service is FREE, simple, and totally anonymous. Receive notification through a Mobile App. Download and install the Voyent Alert! app from the Apple or Google Play App stores.

What You Can Expect:

  • Personalized Communications: Voyent Alert! provides emergency and public alerts such as the distance and direction from an incident, or planned maintenance.

  • Track Multiple Locations: Voyent Alert! allows you to create and track multiple locations such as “Kids School” or “Mom’s House”. Any event or communication related to your tracked locations will be forwarded to you by your preferred communication channel.

  • No Message Fatigue: Voyent Alert’s smart alerting capabilities ensure that you will only get notified when a communication is relevant to you or one of the locations you are tracking.

  • Communications Your Way: Receive alerts over a wide variety of communication channels including mobile apps, text/SMS alerting, email or voice calling. You can register for all or one of them.

  • Privacy is Paramount: Registration is anonymous, and no information volunteered or derived is shared or used for marketing or data harvesting purposes. Locational information from your tracked locations is only used to determine its proximity to an event and to provide critical context within the communications (such as distance and direction).

  • Leaving is Easy: For more information you can check out the Voyent Alert Privacy Policy.



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