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Visit our tranquil lakes and restful park sites with your family, whether you spend a few hours by the water relaxing, taking a stroll, or enjoying spending time on the water.


In the Village of Telkwa, we have a corridor of parks winding along the Bulkley River. These parks allow access to world-class fishing, canoeing, kayaking and much more. Benches, picnic tables, flowerbeds and even a gazebo make these parks the perfect place for a family picnic, wedding or family photograph.

Located alongside Highway 16, Eddy Park is visually the most prominent of Telkwa's parks. The park features a small open green space with a gazebo, views of the Bulkley River and the Hudson Bay Mountain.

Library Park

Library Park includes a Pollinator Garden and is a quiet space for library users and those looking to rest and watch the river. The park is a short walk from the Telkwa Museum

Libarary Park 2021 (7).JPG
Riverside Park

Riverside Park is a popular waterfront location featuring the only public boat launch in town. 

Aldermere Ridge Park

Aldermere Ridge Park is a neighbourhood park that offers a small programed space with exercise equipment for adults.

Aldermere Ridge Park 2021 (3).JPG
Hankin Park

Also known as Flagpole Park, Hankin Park is located at the heart of the Village's downtown core.

Hankin Park 2021.JPG

The BBQ Grounds are a large, multi-use park featuring a variety of recreational facilities, including a tennis court, soccer field, baseball diamond and playground.

Woodland Park

Woodland Park is a neighbourhood park featuring a playground, ice rink, baseball diamond, and open green space.

Woodland Park 2021 (4).JPG
Dockrill Rink & Community Garden

The Dockrill Rink and Community Garden are located at the Village Core, boasting river views and an ice rink which is used for Pickleball during summer months.

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