Please contact the Village Office with any questions on Planning and Development matters:

1415 Hankin Ave.



Before you construct, alter, repair or demolish a building or structure in the Village of Telkwa, please review the Building Permit Application Guide linked below.  The Guide outlines the Building Permit and Building Inspection process, as well as the requirements for a Building Permit Application.  If you require a Building Permit, please fill out the Building Permit Application Form and drop off the form at the Village office.

Building Permit Application Guide

Building Permit Application Form

Form M (Owner Undertaking of Building Foundation)

Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako Building Inspection Brochure


The Village of Telkwa employs the following Bylaws to regulate and manage buildings and development in the municipal boundaries of the Village.  Review the following Bylaws to ensure your building or structure aligns with the Village's Bylaws.

Building Bylaw

Zoning Bylaw & Amendments

Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaw

Official Community Plan/Integrated Community Sustainability Plan Bylaw



If your proposed building or structure does not align with the Village of Telkwa Bylaws, you can apply for a Development Variance.  A Development Variance Permit may be used to vary the bylaw regulation(s) of zoning or subdivision servicing for non-conforming development approvals. A Development Variance Permit cannot vary use or density of land specified in a bylaw.


Please allow a minimum of 6-8 weeks for your Variance Application to be processed.

Development Variance Permit Guide

Development Variance Permit Pre-application

Development Variance Permit Application

Development Variance Permit Brochure 2017




The following are maps that may be used to help you in the development of your building or structure to ensure compliance

Land Usage Designation Map (OCP Map 1)

Transportation and Trails Map (OCP Map 2)

Sensitive Ecosystem Map (OCP Map 3)

Development Permit Area Map (OCP Map 4)

Utility and Renewable Energy Plan Map (OCP Map 5)




The Village is currently seeking three volunteers interested in participating on an as-and-when required basis to sit on the Board of Variance. The Board of Variance will consist of three individuals, appointed by Council, tasked with the responsibility of considering certain types of minor variance applications. This is a three-year volunteer position. Please contact the Village of Telkwa municipal office for more information.

Board of Variance Information Document

Board of Variance Application



Telkwa's Housing Needs Report May 2020

Affordable Housing Needs Assessment and Action Plan

Flood Mitigation Planning Report

Subdivision and Servicing Key Objectives

Water Use Restrictions